Kansanmusiikki-instituutin Koulumusiikkia perhonjokilaaksolaisittain hankkeen työpaja Kaustisen keskuskoululla 22.2.2019. Vetäjinä Vuokko Korva ja Tuija Hanhikoski.


Ongoing projects:


Amplifying Heritage

Through Finnish-Nepali-Mauritius partnership, the project contributes to local and global understandings of traditional music practices, their contemporary artistic possibilities, and their contribution to non-formal and formal music education practices locally and globally from the perspective of cultural and social sustainability.

ICH North – passing on our musical traditions (2022-2024)

The project with seven Nordic partner organizations strengthens the role of musical intangible cultural heritage in the Interreg Aurora region covering northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. In the work packages of the project, a map application of the region's musical cultural heritage and ways to utilize the region's music archives are developed in community-based way, teaching and training materials are produced, cultural heritage entrepreneurship is developed, and an open online course on musical cultural heritage known as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is built. The main Finnish partner of the project is Centria University of Applied Sciences. Funding: EU / Interreg Aurora, Finland's national counter-financing Lapin Liitto. To the project webpage.


Intangible cultural heritarge research program (2022-2024)

The project plans and pilots new activities and operative models supported by Unesco listing of Kaustinen fiddle playing and the various networks that have arisen from it. The project's measures are divided into two mutually supportive work packages: the province of living heritage and the development of a research network. Funding: Central Ostrobothnia Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Sheritage – Sharing intangible cultural heritage knowledge in Nordic and Baltic Region (2023)

The project by three expert organizations accredited to the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage consists of expert exchanges and production of podcasts dealing with themes of intangible cultural heritage. Finnish Folk Music Institute is the main partner of the project, the other partners are the Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation from Latvia and the Storytelling Network of Kronoberg from Sweden. Funding: EU / Erasmus+.


Nordic-Baltic ICH Network/research (2023)

The project develops research cooperation within the Nordic-Baltic intangible cultural heritage network through workshops, webinars and researcher exchanges. Funding: Nordic Culture Point.


Development of expertise in intangible cultural heritage in Central Ostrobothnia (2023)

The project develops and tests know-how related to the utilization of intangible cultural heritage, methods and tools serving educational and consulting know-how. Funding: EU / Supporting the sustainable growth and vitality of regions (AKKE) / Regional Council of Central Ostrobothnia.


Implementation of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention among NGO's and international activities (2023) (2023)

The project develops a national network of living heritage communities and international network work on intangible cultural heritage, and investigates the possibility national organization of UNESCO actors of intangible cultural heritage. Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture.


The Living Heritage Pelimannitalo (2022-2023)

The project consists of community-based development and revitalization of the central building for Kaustinen music culture and producing a repair plan. Funding: EU / Pirityiset Leader.


Näppäri activities' development project (2020-2023)

The project establishes the Näppäri school offering basic studies of art in the Perhonjokilaakso region, expands the domestic and international accessibility of the Näppäri educational method and develops course material and the readiness to repair instruments. Funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. To Näppärikoulu webpage..


Lykkyä tykö / Children's Culture Center Lykky (2019–2023)

During the project, a children's culture network based on the province's own strengths has been created and established in Central Ostrobothnia. The network's special focus area is intangible cultural heritage. The network is named Children's Culture Center Lykky. At the beginning of 2023, Lykky's basic operations were transferred to the administration of Kaustinen municipality. The Lykkyä tykö project ends in November with the organization of the national Children's Culture Forum 2023. Funding: Central Ostrobothnia Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation, EU / Pirityiset Leader. To the website of the Childrens' Cultural Centre Lykky..

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