Kansanmusiikki-instituutin Koulumusiikkia perhonjokilaaksolaisittain hankkeen työpaja Kaustisen keskuskoululla 22.2.2019. Vetäjinä Vuokko Korva ja Tuija Hanhikoski.


Ongoing projects:

ICH North – passing on our musical traditions (2021–2022)

The Finnish Folk Music Institute participates in the Nordic project lead by the Centria University of Applied Sciences, which develops the cooperation between communities and educational institutions to safeguard the field's intangible cultural heritage. Funded by Interreg Nord.

Project to develop the Näppäri method (2020-2022)

The project establishes the Näppäri school offering basic studies of art in the Perhonjokilaakso region, expands the domestic and international accessibility of the Näppäri educational method and develops course material and the readiness to repair instruments. Funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Developing procedures and international networking as an organization accredited to the Unesco Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (2020-2021)

The project plans and pilots new procedures and operational models made possible by the Unesco accreditation. Funded by The Ministry of Education and Culture.

Kaustinen Fiddle Playing - Program for intangible cultural heritage (2019-2020)

The project executes a series of actions to improve the liveliness and safeguard the transmission of the Kaustinen fiddle tradition as part of the phenomenon's application to the Unesco list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The Central Ostrobothnian network for children's culture / Children's Culture Centre Lykky (2019-2020)

The project aims at establishing a network of childrens' culture based on the local assets of the area of Central Ostrobothnia. The network emphasises intangible cultural heritage. The network is called the Children's Cultural Centre Lykky. Funded by the Central Ostrobothnian fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Pirityiset Leader. To the website of the Childrens' Cultural Centre Lykky..

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